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Internet Cell Boost 3.0

Internet Cell Boost boosts the transfer speed of your Internet connection
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Internet Cell Boost is an application whose main function is to boost the transfer speed of your Internet connection by taking into account such characteristics as the Internet connection type and the operating system that the computer works with.

The application supports all types of Internet connections: wireless, DSL, modem or satellite, while the user is allowed to choose the corresponding type of network they are using in order to get the best out of the optimizer.

As far as the operating systems are concerned, users who use older versions of the Windows operating system might experience low connectivity and Internet transfer speed because the functions of these systems are no longer compatible with the developments made in the field of Internet and network connectivity.

Internet Cell Boost was designed to help these systems cope with the new developments in the field by automatically adjusting the reserved bandwidth for QoS.

Therefore, the application is designed for users who wish to enhance the connectivity speed of their computers. It provides easy access to the main functions of the application through its intuitive interface, being suited for both advanced and less experienced users.

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  • It support all types of internet connections
  • It enhances the performance of older operating systems
  • It has an intuitive interface


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